Electric Bikes Built by Riders for Riders
Meet the guys

In 2019, AJ and Kevin embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever: they bought their first electric bikes. What started as a simple hobby soon turned into a way of life as they began exploring new horizons and discovering hidden gems throughout beautiful Huntington Beach. Before they knew it, their friends had joined the fun and they were all riding to dinners, down the boardwalk, and discovering amazing trails.

AJ and Kevin have a shared love of two-wheeled machines that spans back many years, with both of them having experience in the world of Moto. But after years of living life on the edge and enduring a fair share of injuries, they felt it was time to slow down and find a new way to enjoy the thrill of riding. That's when they discovered electric bikes and the feeling of nostalgia that came with it - it was like riding a dirt bike all over again, with less risk.

When the chaos of 2020 hit, their electric bikes became a lifeline, providing them with freedom and a much-needed escape from the uncertainty of the world. AJ's insatiable curiosity and creativity led him to constantly tinker with his previous bike, making it faster, adding forks, and turning it into a true Frankenstein bike after learning how to weld in his garage.

As they delved deeper into the world of electric bikes, they found that the Class 2 market lacked the same level of performance and handling that they had experienced on their beloved dirt bikes. Driven by their passion and desire for innovation, they decided to create something truly unique - an electric bike that rode and felt just like a dirt bike. With countless hours of hard work and dedication, P-51 Electric Bikes was born - a brand that represents their unwavering commitment to quality, performance, and the thrill of the ride.

It's time to ride