Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does the P-51 Bullet weigh?

- The P-51 Bullet weights 86 lbs.


What is the max weight for a rider?

- We recommend no more than 275 lbs for our riders.


What if I am tall? (6'2+)

- A great option for our taller riders is to purchase 3 inch riser bars.


Are you currently shipping outside of the US?

- Not yet! Please stay up to date with us.


Are you offering test rides?

- Yes! We are currently holding test rides at our showroom in Huntington Beach, California. 


Is the P-51 Bullet bike street legal?

- It is Class 2, which means that it is legally a bicycle and can go almost anywhere that a bicycle is allowed to go. You do not need a license to ride but you will need to pay attention to local laws.