How much does the P-51 Bullet weigh?

- The P-51 Bullet weights 86 lbs.


How much does the P-51 Bullet weigh without the battery?

 - About 72 lbs


What is the max weight for a rider?

- We recommend no more than 275 lbs for our riders.


What if I am tall? (6'2+)

- A great option for our taller riders is to purchase 3 inch riser bars.


Are you currently shipping outside of the US?

- Not yet! Please stay up to date with us.


Are you offering test rides?

- Yes! We are currently holding test rides at our showroom in Huntington Beach, California. 


Is the P-51 Bullet bike street legal?

- It is Class 2, which means that it is legally a bicycle and can go almost anywhere that a bicycle is allowed to go. You do not need a license to ride but you will need to pay attention to local laws.


How do I turn on the headlight?

- Simply press and hold the + button on the left side panel to turn on the headlight and back running lights.


How does the electric assist feature work on my P-51?

- Our electric bike utilizes a pedal-assist system, where the motor provides extra power as you pedal, levels 1-5. You can control the level of assistance based on your preference. Level 0 allows you to ride full throttle when using the thumb throttle.


What's the range of your electric bike on a single charge?

- Our electric bike has an approximate range of 35-65 miles on a single charge, depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and pedal effort.


How long does it take to charge the battery fully?

- The battery typically takes about 3 hours to fully charge from empty. Partial charges are also possible and can significantly reduce charging time.


Can I ride the electric bike without using the electric assist?

- Yes, our electric bike can be pedaled just like a traditional bike, with or without the electric assist engaged. One plus that we have included, is that our bikes are made with full sized crank arms, allowing for a bigger range of motion when petaling. 


Is the electric bike suitable for off-road or trail riding?

- The P-51 electric bike is designed to handle various terrains, including trails and off-road paths, specifically with the off-road tires. You will definitely enjoy the comfort that our full-suspension offers. 


How durable is the frame of your electric bike?

- Our electric bike features a steel frame that's built for durability while maintaining a comfortable ride.


What safety features are integrated into your electric bike?

- Our electric bike comes equipped with hydraulic brakes, responsive handling, and integrated tail and headlights for enhanced visibility. Our back lights also include running lights and light up brighter when the breaks are engaged. 


Are replacement parts readily available for maintenance?

- Yes, we do our best to offer a range of replacement parts for maintenance and repairs, ensuring you can keep your electric bike in excellent condition. Ask our team if you have any questions or concerns! 


How do I maintain the battery to ensure its longevity?

- To extend the battery's lifespan, avoid extreme temperatures, charge it regularly, and store it at around 50% charge if not in use for an extended period.


Can I use the electric bike for daily commuting?

- Yes, our electric bike is ideal for daily commuting, offering a quick and eco-friendly way to get around your city or town.