What does it mean to be a Class 2 eBike?

What does it mean to be a Class 2 eBike?


P-51 chose to create this first eBike as Class II for many reasons. For one, it allows for more flexibility as to where you are allowed to ride. Bikes in Class II are legal on any paved surface that a regular bike is allowed to operate. This allows for our riders to enjoy rides to dinner, on the boardwalk, and much more. 

Our goal with the Bullet was to create something that gave you the freedom to ride where any other bike is allowed, while making it extremely comfortable with front and back suspension. You will be amazed by the smooth ride for both concrete and off-road riding.



Class II eBike works in two ways. First, the electric motor provides assistance at up to 20+ MPH when the rider is pedaling, just like a Class I eBike. Second, Class II eBikes include a throttle, which can go up to 20+ MPH without the rider pedaling.

This flexibility is ideal for many riders. On a Class II eBike, the rider can pedal for fun, exercise, and fitness, but retain the ability to use the throttle for help when desired without pedaling - like getting over a challenging hill.

Source: Bike.com