The Roadster - P-51 Bikes' New E-Bike Edition

The Roadster - P-51 Bikes' New E-Bike Edition

Unveiling the P-51 Roadster: Redefining Urban E-Biking by P-51 Electric Bike Company

Discover P-51 Electric Bike Company - the P-51 Roadster. As a variant of our popular flagship model, the Bullet, this electric bike is specially designed for street riders who crave an exceptional e-bike experience on city streets.

A Purposeful Evolution: The Roadster vs. The Bullet

In response to the diverse needs of our riders, we set out to create a new edition that made for a better road experience. While maintaining the same frame, suspension, and lighting components that make the Bullet what it is, the Roadster introduces some new elements to elevate your city e-biking.

Urban Sophistication: The Roadster's Distinctive Features

  1. White Wall Street Tires: Make a statement on the cityscape with P-51 Bikes' Roadster and its attention-grabbing white wall street tires. Not only do they exude style, but they also provide exceptional grip and traction on urban roads.

  2. Custom Metal Front Plate: Personalized details matter, and the Roadster showcases this with its custom metal front plate proudly displaying the iconic P-51 Electric Bike Company star design. 

  3. Lower Positioned Front Headlight: Safety and visibility are paramount during city rides. The Roadster's lower positioned front headlight ensures you can confidently navigate urban environments while illuminating your way ahead.

  4. Diamond Stitched Seat: Elevate your comfort during city explorations with the Roadster's diamond-stitched seat. Not only does it provide exceptional support, but it also ties in the look altogether.

Uncompromised Performance: Same Frame, Suspension, and Lighting Components

True to our commitment to top-tier performance, the Roadster shares the same durable frame, reliable suspension, and powerful lighting components found in the Bullet. Experience the city like never before with the same smooth and thrilling ride of an outdoor adventure.

Experience the Roadster Lifestyle: Redefine Your Urban Commute

At P-51 Electric Bike Company, we invite all urban adventurers to embrace the Roadster lifestyle and redefine their city commute. Whether you're zipping through busy streets or uncovering hidden urban gems, the P-51 Roadster is your ultimate e-bike companion for an enjoyable city ride.

Join the Roadster Revolution with P-51 Electric Bikes

Embrace the city adventure with P-51 Electric Bike Company's Roadster. Redefine your urban e-biking experience today with the perfect blend of style, functionality, and pure riding pleasure.