Stem Riser Installation

Stem Riser Installation

Elevate your ride with the P-51 Stem Riser—because comfort shouldn't be a compromise, and your riding experience should be as unique as you are.

If you're looking to customize your ride a bit, then consider checking out our new product: the Stem Riser! In this video, we guide you through the introduction and step-by-step installation process of this high-quality Stem Riser. This comes in black or grey, and can be used on your P-51 e-bikes or other electric bikes. Elevate your ride, optimize your comfort, and take your riding to new heights with the Stem Riser.

    The P-51 Stem Riser is designed for riders seeking a more comfortable and ergonomic riding position. It allows you to bring up the height of your handlebars, promoting a natural and relaxed posture. By raising the handlebars with our P-51 Stem Riser, you can alleviate strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. This is especially beneficial for long rides, where maintaining a comfortable posture can significantly reduce fatigue and enhance overall enjoyment.

    Compatible with all P-51 e-bikes, as well as other brands including Sur Ron.

    Check it out today: