Generation 3 is Here

Generation 3 is Here

Not everything stays the same, and while our patent-pending frame design, cushy suspension, and class 2 rating remain steadfast, our team decided to enhance our summer 2024 launch with some exciting new features.

First up, we've introduced the quad piston Magura MT5Es brakes. This highly sought-after brake system includes a mechanical switch in the brake bracket that activates the brake light before deceleration begins and also controls the drive cut-out for maximum safety.

We've also added adjustable amp settings, allowing you to switch between 25 and 30 amps. This flexibility lets you choose between more torque or extended range, whereas previously, we only offered a 25-amp setting.

Additionally, we're including a 5-amp quick charger for faster recharging times, more mounting holes for accessories, and a new adjustable kickstand.

So, while we've added about five new features, the Bullet remains true to its original design with a few improvements. Our Gen 2 and Gen 1 models are still fantastic bikes, continuing to deliver the P-51 quality ride that you know and love.