P-51 electric bike ebike with suspension

E-Bike Incentives Program

Attention California electric bike riders! Did you know that there is a tax credit available for owning an electric bike? That's right, you could potentially receive up to $1,000 in tax credits when you purchase an electric bike in California.

The incentives program will launch in the first quarter of 2023 and will be open to people living anywhere in California. They are offering a 10% tax credit for the purchase of an electric bicycle, up to a maximum of $1,000. This is great news for those who have been considering purchasing an electric bike or for those who already own one.

The purpose of this tax credit is to encourage more people to switch to sustainable modes of transportation. Electric bikes are not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but they are also a fun and efficient way to get around. With the added incentive of a tax credit, there's no reason not to make the switch.

So, how can you claim this tax credit? It's simple! When you file your California state income tax return, you can claim the tax credit using the form FTB 3541. Keep in mind that this tax credit is nonrefundable, meaning that you cannot receive a refund for more than your tax liability.

If you're in the market for an electric bike, consider the P-51 Electric Bike. With its sleek design and powerful motor, the P-51 is the perfect e-bike for commuting, recreational riding, or exploring the great outdoors. And with the added incentive of a tax credit, there's never been a better time to make the switch to an electric bike.

In conclusion, California's tax credit for electric bikes is a great opportunity for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while also enjoying the benefits of electric biking. Remember to file your tax credit claim using the form FTB 3541 and consider the P-51 Electric Bike for your next purchase.

Reference: https://www.calbike.org/bike_purchase_incentives/